The Three Dogateers Save Christmas 2014

When they are left on their own a few days before Christmas, three white little fur balls get their paws into a world of trouble. A couple of no-good burglars have made off with all of the ...

All Titles
  • US: The Three Dogateers The Three Dogateers
  • BR: Os 3 Cães Mosqueteiros Os 3 Cães Mosqueteiros
  • DE: Die drei Hundketiere retten Weihnachten Die drei Hundketiere retten Weihnachten
  • IT: Moschettieri a 4 zampe Moschettieri a 4 zampe
  • NL: De Drie Dogadiers De Drie Dogadiers
Directed by Jesse Baget show all movies of Jesse Baget
Artists Dean Cain
as Matt
Danielle Judovits
as Wagos (voice)
Rodney Kageyama
as Mr. Hiroshi
Release date 11 Nov 2014
Genre Family
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